Benny Swaggo is back with his first single for the year 2k19 , RINGI RINGI is an irresistible tune that should be played at maximum volume .Song was produced by Young Smith.

download and enjoy…..

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It’s your boy Bennyswaggo again


My phone dey go (ringi ringi) 2x

Sey make I (bringi bringi) 2x

All the goodies that I gat now they see me on the top

Dem no wan (limme limme) 2x


Verse 1

I’m repn the game like a SIM to a cellular

Find me in the VIP I no be regular

I’m cut from a different cloth there’s nothing similar

Feeling like a star the way these people see me now

Blocka blocka 🎼 Benny just dey fire🎼

I’m heading all the way to the top 🎼I no retire🎼

Bringing hits back to back 🎼it’s getting hotter 🎼

And anytime I drop a single 🎼the place scatter🎼

Huh! There’s no level to this

The boy flow so bad even the devil dey diss

I’m on air like FM na so their period dey miss

U can see there’s no time when you look at my wrist

Huh! Shiii! There’s alot in ma mendula

Even Icè Prìnce will say there’s nothing cooler

The girls dem sey the D e rock like zuma

She kikidiki kidiki when I touch her shuba


Verse 2

🎼See I’m hot _ and you are not

I call the shots _ and things are gwan

There was a time when I no bin dey relevant

Now I see my story around _ e dey gallivant (yea yea) 🎼

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon I learnt how to use 1

So when I see the less privileged I sure don’t abuse them

Ma parent didn’t have much but we didn’t go broke

So I no fit take them play cos it wasn’t no joke

I started from mushin surulere then V.I

Moved to Abj kubville u see I

Repd alota cities before I moved to PH city

Schooled in bori then got a job in Cali city

And all through the journey I had my family alone (prah)

Alota people laughed saying I’ll always be unknown

Now it’s time for me to laugh sipping Henny from my throne

My battery is never full because they are ringing on my phone… like


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